Szewczyk and Violin Futura Project

Violin Futura
Ephmeral Rhapsody; Mister Blister; The Doors in the Sky, Op. 706; Sizzle; Blue Berceuse; Red Bull #3; Homecoming; Left for the Dogs; Fish Gotta Swim; Żubrówka; Toward the Other Shore; Rush; Cirque; Real Phone Key; Fp (For Piotr); Midnight Dance; All Wheel Drive; Buyer’s Remorse; Coming Undone; Scatterbrain; Benediction; Caprice; Respite; Puce; Swoosh; Memories; Yang-Ge Dance; Gegenschein; Tossing and Turning; Moto Prepetuo; Whiffet; Idylle (Idyl); First Coast Groove
Piotr Szewczyk, violin
Navona Records NV6028 (February 2016)

The Violin Futura Project was developed in 2005 by Polish violinist and composer Piotr Szewczyk to create and reinvent solo violin repertoire. Over the span of five years, more than thirty international contemporary composers (from the United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Mexico, Hong-Kong, Finland, China, Japan, Germany, and Canada) have crafted a collection of culturally and musically diverse miniatures for the Violin Futura Project, included in the release. The album features compositions from Szewczyk himself at the end of each disc, though the polished and wondrous sound of his violin can be heard throughout.

Szewczyk is currently a member of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, but has also performed as both a soloist and a guest concertmaster with a number of orchestras. He has won various competitions and awards for violin and composition, including the American Prize, the Project Trio Competition, the FSU Doctoral Concerto Competition, and the New World Symphony Concerto Competition.

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