‘Guarantee Of Culture’ Award

Every year, TVP Kultura bestows their “Gwarancje Kultury” Awards on those who were ‘guarantors’ of excellent culture experiences during the past year. Those awarded are the most interesting artistic personalities and cultural events in the categories of:  Theatre, Literature, Film, Classical music, Jazz, Rock, Visual Arts, Culture Manager, Culture Online and “Supergwarancje”.

The 2014 winners were announced on April 25, 2015 during a ceremony marking the 10th birthday of the TVP Kultura station. The ceremony was broadcast live on TVP Kultura. The winners related to classical music are as follows:

  • “Culture Online” category:
    Culture.pl (the online platform of the Adam  Mickiewicz Institute, IAM, which serves as the cultural diplomacy arm of the Poland’s government)… for “careful and consistent creation of a resource library about contemporary Polish culture in Poland and abroad. For the high quality content presented in a visually attractive manner. For reaching to audiences across the world by launching a Russian-language and English-language version of the website.”
  • Classical Music category:
    Mariusz Treliński (film, opera and theatre director) and Boris Kudlička (Theatre and film set designer)… “for a triumphant debut on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. For intelligent, deep and consistent reading of operas: Jolanta and Bluebeard’s Castle. For a wealth of artistic vision through which pierces the sensitivity of the filmmaker. For the development of the original language of the opera, appealing to a modern audience.”
  • Supergwarancje:
    Peter Gelb … for great contribution to the promotion of Polish artists on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. For the inclusion of Peter Beczała, Aleksandra Kurzak, Mariusz Kwieciń, Mariusz Treliński and Boris Kudlička the elite group of artists associated with the most important world opera scene. For proving that opera it is incredibly living matter and can be successfully popularize among the general public worldwide.

The full list of honorees can be found here: tvpkultura.tvp.pl.

[Sources: tvpkultura.tvp.pl, culture.pl; Photo: culture.pl]