Twardowski Celebrations In Lublin

Edward Sielicki with Maja Trochimczyk, Warsaw, September 2000

In 2015 the world will celebrate the 85th birthday of Romuald Twardowski. Born in 1930 in Vilnius, Twardowski is one of the greatest composers of Polish choral music. Apart from vocal works, he is also the author of numerous theatre and symphonic compositions. His keen sense for melodic invention, instrumentation, original form and the unique communicative value of the musical language make the Twardowski’s music strongly appreciated by audiences. Six manuscripts of works by Twardowski are held in the PMC’s Manuscript Collection—the composer is shown at right, celebrating the donation of his manuscripts with former PMC director Maja Trochimczyk, during a donation ceremony at the Polish Composers’ Union on September 23, 2000.

In addition to many concerts of Twardowski’s choral works, events planned to mark his anniversary also include concerts of instrumental music. One of them will take place on March 20, 2015, when the Lublin Philharmonic Orchestra will perform fragments of the ballet Nagi książę [The Naked Prince] by Romuald Twardowski. The concert is part of the Orchestra’s 2nd Festival of the Wieniawski Brothers, the concert will feature another pair of musical brothers: violinist Paweł Wajrak and conductor Piotr Wajrak.

The Naked Prince ballet was composed in 1960 to a libretto written by the composer on the basis of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale The Emperor’s New Clothes. Consisting of short and charming forms within the convention of brilliant Baroque courtly dances, the ballet immediately drew the attention of the legendary Bohdan Wodiczka, who often performed it.

March 20, 2015 | 7:00 pm
Twardowski’s 85th birthday celebrated by the Lublin Philharmonic Orchestra
Collegium Maius UM
ul. Jaczewskiego 4, Lublin, Poland
Tickets: 30, 25, 20 zł—

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