PWM Celebrates 70 Years

Poland’s premiere music publishers, Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne SA (PWM), celebrates 70 years of operations in 2015. It is appropriate that this anniversary lines up with the PMC’s own celebration of 35 years, as it was the close relationship with PWM—cultivated by PMC founder Wanda Wilk—that led to the development of the PMC’s extensive collection of published music.

Below is a note from Daniel Cichy, PhD—PWM’s Editor-in-Chief—on the occasion of the anniversary:

In 1945 Tadeusz Ochlewski set up PWM Edition. Despite difficult times and the social and political turmoil, the scope of activity of our publishing house, defined 70 years ago by that renowned violinist, pedagogue, organiser of music life and editor, has remained the same. I can assure you that in the Jubilee Year we will not only be an institution aiming to promote Polish music, but also a more dynamic and modern publishing house. We have a lot of premières and unique publications ahead of us. The catalogue of music on hire will feature new pieces of wide aesthetic spectrum, and the portfolio of artists represented by PWM Edition will be expanded by new composers.

We will celebrate the 70th anniversary with the slogan: “We play fair. And we’ve done it for 70 years” in mind. Let’s make music together!

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