Andrzej Koszewski

Professor Andrzej Koszewski died in Poznań on February 17. He was 92. A renowned composer of choral music and a musicologist, he was also a professor of composition at the Poznań Music Academy, whose students included Krzesimir Dębski and Lidia Zielińska.

Prof. Koszewski received an honorary doctorate from the Poznań Music Academy in 2013 in recognition of his long tenure there, which began in 1957. Prof. Koszewski served as Dean of the Vocal Studies Department and later as Head of the Composition and Music Theory Studies at the Poznań Music Academy. The Polish Government recognized Prof. Koszewski with the Commander’s Cross of Independent Poland and a Golden Gloria Artis medal for his services to Polish culture. The requiem mass for Prof. Koszewski was said on February 24 and was followed by a burial ceremony at the Junikowo Cemetery later that day.