Musica Electronica Nova Festival

The 6th Musica Electronica Nova – International Festival of Electroacoustic Music took place from May 15 to 23, 2015 in Wrocław. The fusion of electronic music and cinema was one of the leading motifs of this year’s edition. The audience heard electronic music in a traditional concert setting, as an element of multimedia installations, on stage, and on the big screen. The festival’s “audiovisual” character is highlighted by the choice of the composer-in-residence, Belgium’s Thierry De Mey, who is well-known for his interest in both composition and filmmaking. His works, which often bring together music and astonishing pictures, focus on investigating movement and the dancing body.

The festival also honored the most important composers of 20th century contemporary music, with arrangements of Luc Ferrari’s and Kazimierz Serocki’s pieces, amongst others. The event culminated with a concert in which the music of Pierre Henry, the composer who helped shape contemporary music, met film.

The festival welcomed prominent soloists and ensembles, including Experimentalstudio des SWR (Freiburg im Breisgau), IRCAM (Paris), NFM Symphony Orchestra, NFM Choir, New Music Orchestra, or Lutosławski Quartet.

The 6th Musica Electronica Nova was also a chance to listen to works by Polish composers Wojciech Błażejczyk, Joanna Woźny, Lidia Zielińska, and Patryk Zakrocki commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland under the “Collections – Composing Commissions” program run by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw.

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