Komorowski Premieres at the 25th Portraits of Composers

The Polish Composers’ Union (ZKP) will celebrate its 70th anniversary with its annual concert series, Portraits of Composers. The event will be hosted at the Mazovia Institute of Culture, whom has also co-organized the event for several years now. The program includes works by two contemporary Polish composers – Piotr Komorowski and Sławomir Zamuszko, both of whom will be attending the concerts as well.

A special highlight of the 25th Portrait of Composers will be the World Premiere of two of Komorowski’s works: Sonata for cello and piano and Hidden World for accordion and electronics. The compositions will be performed by outstanding soloists and chamber players, such as Stanisław Miłek (accordion), Julia Samojło (piano), Tomasz Strahl (cello), Łucja Szablewska-Borzykowska (mezzosoprano), Flute O’Clock and Opium Quartet.

December 7-8 | 6:00 p.m.
Portrait of Composers
Mazovia Institute of Culture
12 Elektoralna Str., 00-139 Warsaw, Poland
Admission is FREE.
Info: mik.waw.pl

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