Laks—Viva Voce

EDA Laks songs

By Marek Zebrowski Long dedicated to the promotion of lesser-known composers and repertoire from Central Europe, EDA Records just came out with a terrific new offering—a two-CD set of songs by Szymon Laks (1901-1983). This recording is a truly remarkable achievement for many reasons, especially because Laks is remembered these days mainly for only one…Continue Reading Laks—Viva Voce

Three Unusual Additions to the PMC Sound Library

By Marek Zebrowski Another batch of gifts from this summer’s travel to Poland includes a fascinating two-CD set of music by Polish composers from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A project coordinated by the Polish Chamber Musicians’ Association [Stowarzyszenie Polskich Muzyków Kameralistów, or SPMK], this recording features rarely heard piano trios by Władysław…Continue Reading Three Unusual Additions to the PMC Sound Library

State Archives and PMC Update

By Marek Zebrowski For several years now, during every single visit in Warsaw, I have been always invited to top-level meetings at the Head Office of Poland’s State Archives (NDAP). This June was no exception and, once again, I was warmly welcomed by the Archives’ director, Dr. Paweł Pietrzyk in his elegant office in a…Continue Reading State Archives and PMC Update

If Music Be the Food of Love…Read on!

By Marek Zebrowski It is always a pleasure to stop by the Polish Music Publishers [PWM] headquarters in Kraków or their other office in Warsaw and meet with the Director and Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Daniel Cichy. During the past few years when he has been at the helm of PWM, the Polish Music Center and PWM…Continue Reading If Music Be the Food of Love…Read on!