The 36th Cracow International Composers’ Festival took place from April 20-28, 2024. It was held under the theme of “Mathematics in music,” which was also the topic of the musicological session held during the Festival. The special guest of this year’s edition was composer and cultural organizer Jerzy Kornowicz who, in the years 2003-2015, served as President of the Polish Composers’ Union, and since 2015 has been the Director of the Warsaw Autumn Festival.

The 36th edition of the Festival presented works by composers from Poland, Australia, Denmark, France, Japan, Kosovo, Germany, Ukraine, the USA and Great Britain, including 4 first performances in Poland and 24 world premieres. All premieres are listed below:

April 20

  • Olgierd Juzala-Deprati Periodic fractions, fading into memories… for string orchestra (2024)

April 21

  • Michał Pawełek Tiene for piano (2024)

April 22

  • Damian Raźny Samnasam for electronics (2024)
  • Maria Bazou/Matteo Gurrieri/Mikołaj Pniak/Maciej Wilczyński Following the golden ra(bbi)tio – live-electronics (2024)
  • Maciej Ozga if my playlist was one piece for guitar, processing and live-electronics (2024)
  • Maciej Bieniawski/Szymon Golec/Weronika Gryboś/Katarzyna Kopyto/Aleksandra Kostucha Sonic Light for live-electronics (2024)
  • Zofia Marzec-Madziar/Jakub Borodziuk/Damian Raźny/Michał Smajdor Identity – live-electronics and video (2024)
  • Wiktoria Latos/Aniela Marczyk/Gabriela Nalepa/Julia Piasecka/Stanisław Widłak/Piotr Karola Wavs.jpg for electronics (2024)
  • GrupLab Plejrek 408 for voices, instruments, objects and electronics (2024)

April 23

  • Grzegorz Majka Etiuda na liczbach pierwszych for violin, viola and cello (2024)
  • Michał Gronowicz 22+6i for clarinet, viola, cello and piano (2024)
  • Ewa Zuchowicz For Five for clarinet, piano, violin, viola and cello (2024)
  • Jacek Sajka Lineae for clarinet, piano, violin, viola and cello (2024)

April 24

  • Bogdan Kryvopust Skoromovki for two pianos (2024). Dedicated to Jerzy Stankiewicz
  • Krzysztof Kostrzewa Medytacje II for two pianos (2023). Dedicated to Jerzy Stankiewicz
  • Philip Czaplowski Light from darkness for two pianos (2023)

April 25

  • Thomas Gerwin BI POL VIII – linea contra punctus for cello and piano (2024)
  • Volker Freidel 6–> 2x3x2–>4 (Mirror Landscape) for cello and piano (2024)
  • Julia Deppert-Lang Magma for cello and piano (2024)
  • Jan Cyž Pax optima rerum – pokój jest najlepszy for cello and piano (2024)
  • Jacek Domagała Little Triptych for cello and piano (2024)

April 26

  • Maciej Jabłoński Festina lente. Hommage à Érasme de Rotterdam for two accordions and string quartet (2024)

April 28

  • Ylli Daklani Musical clicks, whistles and knocks for harpsichord and string quartet (2024) – Main Prize in the 7th Krzysztof Penderecki International Competition for Young Composers.
  • Krzysztof Wołek Zero Gained for no-input mixing board and electronics (2024)

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