This month in celebration of the 75th birthday of Piotr Moss, the Polish Orchestra ‘Sinfonia Iuventus‘ performed a program the composer’s symphonic works. Held on February 17, the concert program included Zoo, a five-part Suite for orchestra that is a humorous reminiscence of the composer’s visit to the Warsaw Zoo. The audience also heard Moss’s Concerto for flute and orchestra “Masques,” performed by one of today’s most outstanding flutists, Łukasz Długosz, as soloist.

Piotr Moss is one of the most original musical talents of his generation, and also one of many Polish artists active mainly outside of the country. His work is rich and diverse. Within the composer’s catalog, in addition to great vocal-instrumental works, concert, and chamber works, you can also find music intended for radio, theater, film and television.