On November 28, the International Festival of Contemporary Music “New Waves” begins its 9th iteration. Organized by the Gdańsk Branch of the Polish Composers’ Union, this festival focuses on finding ways to highlight the ideas coming from new composers and present contemporary creativity in bright new ways. The festival will be held in Gdańsk from November 28 – December 3, and admission is free. 

This year, the program consists of a wide array of music from works using traditional instruments, to works being made using math and improvisation, as well as works using multimedia and electronics as instruments. The following new pieces will be given their first performances at the 2023 Festival:

NOV 28

Chihchun Chi-sun Lee

Dawn and Twilight for piano and drums

NOV 29

Allison Ogden

Dark Sk y for alto flute and fixed media

NOV 30

Maciej Zakrzewski

Mirrors for guitar and piano


Michał Dorzewski

Sky at the Night for mixed choir and clarinet

Oktawia Ruppel

Give me a chance for baritone, mixed choir and piano

Mateusz Groth


Jan Barszcz
Autumn Rain for voice and piano

Magdalena Białecka
Resonances de Loin 

Krzysztof Jurczak
Music No. 1 for two Clarinets and Piano

Teofil Kowalewski
Variations for piano

Alexandros Natzar
Woodwind Quintet no.1 

Jakub Pawlak
GO. : Music for NOTHING. The End 

Franciszek Rusek
Corde di notte 

Sandra Tracz

Maria Trzpis
String Quartet 

Szymon Wieczorek
Gute nacht/Mut for voice, piano, electronic instruments and live electronics*

Pola Zduńczuk


Piotr Kasiłowski
Aria for chamber orchestra

Jakub Zalewski
Scherzo for chamber orchestra

Adam Diesner
Wind quartet version for oboe, clarinet, bassoon and French horn

Piotr Jędrzejczyk
1,928 for chamber orchestra

Kamil Cieślik
Sinfonietta No. 1 

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