On November 26, the Polish Composers Union (ZKP) held a concert in celebration of the 80th birthday of former vice president of the Katowice branch of the union—composer, educator, publicist and musical organizer, Ryszard Gabryś. Entitled ‘Camerata to the Composer,’ the concert was performed by Camerata Silesia in the chamber hall of NOSPR in Katowice. It was conducted by Aleksandra Wójcik, who also gave a pre-concert lecture entitled ‘Characteristics of the work of Ryszard Gabryś.’ Gabryś has a fruitful and friendly cooperation with Camerata Silesia, having dedicated a number of works to them. 

The concert program was comprised entirely of works by Gabryś, and featured the world premieres of: Gdańsk Inscription I, Gdańsk Inscription II and Music from Istebne II.