Poland has long and rich jazz traditions. Jazz has been a very popular and cultivated genre since the end of the Second World War. Under communism, jazz was tied to the movement for freedom and democracy. Nowadays, Poland is a home to many rising stars on the jazz scene, widely acknowledged and appreciated both at home and abroad.

The Kosciuszko Foundation has partnered with Washington D.C’s most prominent jazz club, Blues Alley Jazz Club, to create a new in-person concert series titled Kosciuszko Jazz.

The series was premiered on September 12 with a concert showcasing Polish guitarist Paweł IgnatowiczThe Kosciuszko Jazz Series was also introduced online via the ‘Kosciuszko TV’ Youtube channel, where viewers can watch an online jazz episode with Paweł Ignatowicz and much more

Upcoming concerts are as follows:


“Brisk Distortions” Jazz Concert

Pianist Kuba Cichocki and Guitarist Brandon Seabrook give an in-house concert featuring compositions and improvisations by Kuba Cichocki.


“Brisk Distortions” Jazz Concert
Kosciuszko Foundation
2025 O Street., N.W. Washington, DC 20036
Tickets: $20 KF Members | $25 General Admission
More info: here


A Night with WM Project

Founders of WM Project, Andrzej Winnicki and Krzysztof Medyna give a night of jazz grooves and tunes at the Blue Alley Jazz Club with their quartet.


WM Project | Andrzej Winnicki & Krzysztof Medyna with their Quartet
Blue Alley Jazz Club
1073 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. Washington, DC 20007
Tickets: $25 General Admission
More info: here


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