Varsovians Sing (Un)forbidden Songs

77 years ago the Warsaw Uprising broke out. The concert in tribute to its participants was held on August 1, 2021 at 8:30 in the Freedom Park of the Warsaw Uprising Museum. As every year, on the evening of August 1st, singers united by the strength of their voice during the concert “Varsovians sing (un)forbidden…Continue Reading Varsovians Sing (Un)forbidden Songs

Ewa Trębacz: Composing in a Pandemic

Long a friend of the PMC, Polish-American composer Ewa Trębacz is based at the DXARTS Center for Digital Art and Experimental Media in Seattle, Washington. Having already invited Trębacz to participate in the 2011 ‘New Generation’ Concert at USC, we are excited to hear of her latest activities. Thus she is the next in our…Continue Reading Ewa Trębacz: Composing in a Pandemic

2021 ‘Warsaw Autumn’ Full Program Revealed

The 64th International Festival of Contemporary Music ‘Warsaw Autumn’ [Warszawska Jesień] will run from September 17-25, 2021. This year’s edition will be immersed in space and time; in sounds, signs, and symbols. It will enable audiences to experience complexity, diversity, ambiguity, and polyphony. On September 17, the periscope goes down and, for a good nine…Continue Reading 2021 ‘Warsaw Autumn’ Full Program Revealed