The 2nd edition of the Wigrosfera Festival was held on July 2-3, 2021 in the Wigry National Park and in Suwałki, as a musical response to the natural human need to commune with nature and culture. This is an extraordinary event, one of a kind, combining high culture with the beauty and tourist value ​​of the Suwałki Region of Poland. 

The events will be available to the audience both on site and online, thanks to high-quality video live streaming. The main stage will be located on the PTTK beach in Stary Folwark overlooking one of the most beautiful Polish lakes—Wigry. In the city of Suwałki, concerts will take place on the picturesque boulevards at Czarna Hańcza.

The festival aims at presenting the most creative Polish artists who combine classical music tradition with its latest achievements, including technological ones. The two days of the festival included five concerts. Performances featured one of the most famous Polish string quartets performing together with an outstanding jazz trumpeter, as well as an excellent violin and cello duo using the latest technological achievements, an experimental drummer with electronics and video, and a psychedelic neo-rock group. The invited artists are: NeoQuartet, Emil Miszk, Roshko Brothers, Krzysztof Arszyn Topolski and the Ludojad band. The program included Endorphins by Marzena Majcher, two early works by Andrzej Wajda with live music performed by artists associated with this year’s edition of the festival, and the latest music that combines jazz, improvisation and electronics.

2-3 July, 2021 | Various times & venues
Wigrosfera Festival
Wigry National Park and Suwałki, Poland
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