In the year of the exceptional jubilee, the composer’s 90 birthday, a unique album is published in the ANAKLASIS catalogue, devoted to the chamber vocal and instrumental works of Twardowski. They are performed by the world-famous bass-baritone, Tomasz Konieczny, and an outstanding pianist, Lech Napierała.

The recital, which will consist of the most beautiful Twardowski’s songs performed by the bass-baritone, Tomasz Konieczny, known from the most important opera scenes, and by the pianist and chamber musician Lech Napierała, is a gift for one of the most valid artists of his generation.

phot. Bartek Barczyk

“Singing and vocal music have accompanied me since my early childhood” – says Romuald Twardowski, born 90 years ago in Vilnius. – “Popular tunes, songs hummed by my mother, the sounds of church choirs – all those things were invigorating my imagination”. And as the twig is bent… The voice is the axis of Twardowski’s compositions that can be found in the Songs and sonnets album. It combines works that are distant in time and of different emotional weight – from the painful Farawell sonnets, 1970 (Sonety pożegnalne), devoted to the memory in suddenly deceased Twardowski’s fiancée, Danish composer Elizabeth Tramsen, through formally complex song cycle The force of the sea, 1979 (Oblicze morza), to the series From over the Vilnius,1990 (Znad Wilii), written to the words by Helena Massalska, evoking the atmosphere of the old Vilnius region.

Everyone is invited to attend the concert promoting the album Songs and sonnets in the Portraits line from ANAKLASIS on October 24 at 1900 to the Redutowe Halls of the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera (Plac Teatralny 1, Warsaw). Tickets for the premiere can be purchased at the Theatre box office and at

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