The broadcast of Paderewski’s only opera, Manru, produced by Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz, has been postponed until the fall. The new date for its airing on TVP Kultura will be announced later and this performance will be available online in the PWM series #TUTTIwdomu.

Maciej Figas served as musical director for this production of Manru that was directed by Laco Adamik. Set designs were made by Milan David, Janina Niesobska was the choreographer and Henryk Wierzchoń prepared the choir.

The soloists included Janusz Ratajczak (Manru), Wioletta Chodowicz (Ulana), Barbara Krahel (Jadwiga), Leszek Skrla (Urok), Monika Ledzion (Aza), Jacek Greszta (Oros), Łukasz Goliński (Jagu), Magdalena Polkowska (young girl), as well as the Opera Nova’s choir, ballet and orchestra.

The recording was made by DUX Recording Producers and will be made available under the #TUTTIwdomu program, a special edition of the project that promotes performances of Polish music. It will be available online until the end of this year.