Composer Mikołaj Laskowski, specializing in chamber instrumental and electronic music, has created the online premiere of his composition Sound isolation, which is available on Mikołaj Laskowski studied at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague and the Wrocław Academy of Music. He won the 3rd prize in the International Generace Competition (Ostrava) and received an award at Young Composers Meeting 2013 (Apeldoorn). In 2015 his work Tiger left me unsatisfied received a recommendation at the 62nd International Rostrum of Composers. In an interview with Filip Lech, the composer described his latest composition thus: 

Deep Relaxation vol. 6: Sound Isolation is a sound video guide, it can be performed by anyone at home. The composition is based on sounds that are only heard by the person performing and listening to this work. The listener / performer should prepare earphones, connect them to the computer, sit back and follow the instructions on the video. 

The traditional relationship between the composer and listener has been deconstructed; the listener becomes a performer, but he or she can also be a composer to some extent – the work leaves some room for improvisation and own discoveries. The composition allows you to focus on the body and hearing, which is often not possible in a live concert situation. In the end, at least I hope so, it will create a small feeling of community. “