The Polish Society for Contemporary Music—the Polish Section of ISCM— will select five works to recommend at the MERIDIAN International New Music Festival. The Festival will take place in Romania from 8-15 November 2020.

This year’s theme, PLANETARIUM, encourages the exploration of planets, stars, galaxies, comets, meteorites and space objects. From solar incandescence to the darkness of a black hole, the range of musical expressions is unlimited. Priority will be given to works shorter than 10 minutes and to works that have a stronger connection to the overall theme. Only completed works will be accepted.

Persons not affiliated with PSCM must pay a fee of 40 PLN for the first score sent, and 50 PLN for each subsequent one. PSCM members are exempt from the fee for the first score submitted; each subsequent score is 30 PLN. Applications must be sent via email in English by 7 May 2020.

The organizers are looking for works written for all or some of the instruments in the following Romanian ensembles:

  • Ensemble ATEM (Timişoara): clarinet, violin, cello, piano; theme of the concert – “Polaris” (planet of frozen sounds)
  • Ensemble Sonomania (Bucharest): oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano; theme of the concert – “Phantasia” (planet of stories)
  • Duo Maria Bîldea & Sergiu Năstasă (Bucharest): harp and violin; theme of the concert – “Eros Kai Thanatos” (planet of love and death)
  • Duo Cello Jaya (Bucharest): two cellos.

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