From 22-24 January, Warsaw’s Nowy Teatr will be performing Silence of the Mermaids – a unique hybrid of concert and film. The program includes works by Kaija Saariaho, Tomasz Sikorski, Philip Glass and Jimi Hendrix.

Michał Pepol, cellist and author of the script and program, describes the play as follows:

“Singing is the essential strength of mermaids, and working under their spell is a perverse dream of many a musician. I would also like to have this power of a mermaid and always be able to seduce an audience. But this would require an unconditioned opening into the dark side of my subconscious. A meeting with a mermaid is a meeting with myself, one most sensitive and delicate, and at the same time a self-censored fraction of my hidden self. So let this be a concert-liberation from conventions, genres, habits and expectations. Let this be a concert-hybrid, just like a mermaid is. Let’s look the mermaid in the eye and listen to her. While listening to her, let’s listen to ourselves. Let’s get seduced by the polyphony of the human voice, cellos, and the inhabitants of the ocean.”

Michał Pepol will also take part in the concert with Magdalena Cielecka. The project was inspired by the exhibition “The Beguiling Siren is Thy Crest” commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.

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