The Congress of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centers (IAML) took place from 14-19 July at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. The aim of the IAML Congress was the exchange of experience and presentation of scientific achievements of librarians and archivists as well as musicologists.

The IAML 2019 Congress gathered approximately 350 delegates from 40 countries, including 30 Polish speakers. The participants of the congress were musicologists, source experts, music librarians, archivists, scientific information specialists and musicians. Various musical institutions were represented, including departments and institutes of musicology, music departments of the largest national libraries, libraries of music academies and conservatories, music information centers, orchestral and radio libraries as well as music publishers.

The organizers emphasized the scientific, cultural and educational by incorporating workshops devoted to new digital resources and tools. The Congress was accompanied by an exhibition devoted to the history of the music collection at the Jagiellonian Library entitled “From theoretical treatises to composing masterpieces – music in the Jagiellonian Library over the centuries.” There was also a trade fair for music exhibitors.

The IAML 2019 Inauguration on 14 July was accompanied by a concert of the Capella Cracoviensis ensemble. In addition, the program of the Congress included three concerts of Polish music in Kraków’s churches.

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