On March 23, outstanding tubist Zdzisław Piernik performed together with Tadeusz Sudnik and HATI duo at the National Audiovisual Institute. The event was organized as part of the cycle of concerts entitled “Awangarda na ucho [Avant-Garde By Ear],” celebrating the centenary of the avant-garde in Poland. During the first part of the concert, Piernik performed with his longtime friend and sound artist Tadeusz Sudnik, who was formerly associated with the Experimental Studio of Polish Radio. Subsequently, the audience heard performances by HATI from Toruń. The musical duo bases their sound on ethnic and acoustic instruments and recycled items. In an improvisatory finale, Piernik performed together with the HAITI Duo for the first time, showing off the broad spectrum of sound that can be achieved using only acoustic instruments.

Zdzisław Piernik’s repertoire features works by masters of baroque as well as great classical and contemporary composers. Eighty years old, Piernik belongs to a group of the oldest Polish avant-garde musicians (after Bogusław Schaeffer). Despite his age, his music is full of life and experimentation with courageous and radical performing practices, making him a highly sought after for collaborative projects amongst the greatest musicians, such as Jerzy Mazzoll, Michał Górczyński and Piotr Zabrodzki.

 [Source: polmic.pl]