Dissociative Counterpoint Disorder
Paweł Szymański: Dissociative Counterpoint Disorder, Through the Looking Glass… III, Les Poiriers en Pologne ou une Suite De Pieces Sentimentales de Clavecin faite par Mr Szymański, Partita III
Małgorzata Sarbak – harpsichord, The Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, Zsolt Nagy – cond.
DUX 1332

Malgorzata Sarbak, the versatile harpsichord player to whom Paweł Szymański dedicated the eponymous composition of the album, presents works of the composer in a new light. Seasoned listeners of Szymański will expect to hear something like the composer’s preferred instrument, the human voice, in all its dynamic range and infinite usage throughout music history and genre. The harpsichord, on the other hand, is obviously associated with a certain period of time, and has limited dynamics and very coherent tone. Yet Szymański’s counterpoint effectively combines, with a subtle sense of humor, the sound of a baroque instrument and the language of contemporary music, thereby deconstructing the eponymous dissociation.

[Source: dux.pl]