On December 12, leading avant-garde Polish ensemble Kwartludium and British electronic artist Scanner will present a program of new works using visual scores at the 2014 Spitalfields Festival in London. Kwartludium has built a reputation for presenting striking new music across Europe and, in this rare London visit, they collaborate with Scanner to explore partially improvised works that respond to visual scores. Wild, dynamic and exhilarating, audiences can expect an evening of shifting moods and dangerous interaction.

The program will include: Jerzy Kornowicz – Gullfoss; Carl Bergstrom-Nielsen – Strategies 3; Regin Petersen – Shapes and sizes; Aleksandra Gryka – ATCGATGATC; and an Open form based on collective improvisation created live by Kwartludium and Scanner.

For the full festival program please visit: www.spitalfieldsmusic.org.uk .

[Source: polishculture.org.uk]