Paweł Albiński, a young Kraków-based pianist, devotes his annual recital programs to music by unknown or little-known composers of the 19th and 20th centuries. Researching in various libraries in Poland and Ukraine, Albiński has discovered about 30 works by 16 European composers and presented them for audiences in recitals in Kraków and Lviv during the last 3 years. According to Albiński, “many compositions remain unknown not because they do not merit attention, but because they are often difficult to perform and present to the public.”

The pianist’s latest program included works by Latvian Lucia Garuta (1902-1977), Belgian Guillaume Lekeu (1870-1894), Portuguese Jose Vian da Motta (1868-1948), and Ukrainian Sergiusz Bortkiewicz (1877-1952). The concert was held August 20 at the Białoprądnicki Manor House in Kraków.