Dąbrowski Paderewski Program Gift

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the recovery of Polish national freedom, on June 4 2014 the Grand Theatre National Opera in Warsaw held a gala concert whose hero was the spirit and work of Ignacy Jan Paderewski. Under the baton of Maestro Jerzy Maksymiuk, the National Philharmonic presented the monumental patriotic work of Paderewski, his Symphony in B Minor, popularly known as the “Polonia” Symphony. The concert was preceded by two short excerpts from the film “Paderewski man of action, success and fame,” directed by Wiesław Dąbrowski and produced by his Ave Arte Foundation. The event was featured in a special edition of the Polish Market magazine, a copy of which Mr. Dąbrowski has generously donated to the PMC.

Thank you for enlarging the PMC’s Paderewski Collection!

[Source: avearte.pl]

Populist Records CD Gift

Andrew McIntosh of Populist Records, a small LA-based record label for contemporary music, recently donated their fourth album entitled ‘gnarwhallaby [exhibit a]’ to the PMC. Created to revive and expand the repertoire of the Warsztat Muzyczy and the Quartett Avance, the disc features an intriguing mix of music by Polish composers Włodzimierz Kotoński, Zygmunt Krauze and Henryk Mikołaj Górecki. It is performed by the LA-based gnarwhallaby ensemble, comprised of: Brian Walsh, clarinets; Matt Barbier, alto and tenor trombones; Derek Stein, cello; and Richard Valitutto, piano and melodica.

Thank you for your efforts in bringing focus to contemporary Polish music!

[Source: gnarwhallaby.com]

Warner Classics CD Gift

In recognition of the PMC’s assistance with editing the English language version of the CD liner notes, Maria Peryt of Warner Classics Poland has donated 2 copies of the classical/electronic creation entitled Tempus Fantasy. This fascinating and almost hypnotizing take on the works of the most outstanding composers of 19th- and 20th-century piano classics was conceived of and created by pianist Katarżyna Borek and electronic musician Wojciech “Vojto Monteur” Orszewski. It also features gorgeous album art by Jarek Kubicki

Thank you for your vision of how classical piano music can be transformed and enhanced, and for sharing that vision with the PMC!