On June 28, the “Krokowski Summer of Music 2014” was inaugurated with the concert entitled “In the Footsteps of Kolberg and Chopin” at the Regional Museum in Krokowa, Poland. Founded in 1999 by the “European Meetings” Foundation that serves the Zamek Krokowa properties, the Regional Museum in Krokowa is the only Polish-German museum in Poland, standing as evidence of the possibility of reconciliation and understanding between cultures. The ceremonial opening of the musical season was led by the Count von Krokow. The concert’s theme of “In the Footsteps of Kolberg and Chopin” refers both to Parliament’s declaration of 2014 as the Year of Kolberg and the activities of the “European Meetings” Foundation.

For this concert, the Regional Museum in Krokowa invited soprano Iwona Kowalkowska to showcase the little-known works of Kolberg to the public in Pomerania. On their program, Kowalkowska and pianist Szymon Musioł presented songs by Kolberg, Chopin and Niewiadomski and piano works by Chopin and Paderewski.

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