Grażyna Bacewicz and Americans

The Silesian Quartet and flutist János Bálint performed a unique program at the NOSPR Chamber Hall on 15 February. The program included several rarely heard works by American composers—Snapshot: Circa 1909 by John Coriglian, A Night Piece for flute and string quartet by Arthur Foot, and Quintet for flute and string quartet by Walter Piston—as well as the String Quartet No. 3 by Grażyna Bacewicz.

This is one of G. Bacewicz’s most internally balanced works, maybe the closest to the ideal of Sérénité, characteristic of Romanesque spirituality. In this work, whose outer movements show activity as a major creative force, it never comes to extreme situations—either in the sense of the word, or in the use of technical resources. The element of movement here is derived from the logic of motivic connections and development of form, and the scale of tension is moderated according to internal order, a regular course. In the third Quartet there remained still this characteristic of the composer’s style of this period: the dominance of linear structures over vertical: the latter is not without a certain harmonic refinement, but seems to be the result of the interaction of independent melodic lines.”

Małgorzata Gąsiorowska

15 February 2020 | 6.00 p.m.
Grażyna Bacewicz and America(ns)!

NOSPR Chamber Hall
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