Schaeffer Puzzle Play 2020

The “Schaeffer Puzzle Play 2020,” an online improvised event inspired by Bogusław Schaeffer‘s scores, will be held on Saturday, 4 July 2020 at 7:00 p.m. A unique live performance of actors, dancers, and musicians will be broadcast on the Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo pages of the Aurea Porta Foundation.

“Schaeffer Puzzle Play 2020” is a theater and film performance that includes everything characteristic of Schaeffer: music, theater, graphics, dance. Unpredictable, scattered like Schaeffer’s scores, like puzzles that make up a full picture. Its shape will be created in front of the audience. The actors do not know when their scene will appear, they do not know the order of the scenes, nor the surprises that each of them has prepared for the others based on individual scenarios.
—director Maciej Sobociński. 

The performance space—home, garage, garden, street, park in Poland, but also in the United States, Paris, and the Netherlands—will be arranged in accordance with the adopted convention. Each actor will perform five different fragments—scenes or monologues—selected from Schaeffer’s works, which will serve as material for improvisation. The performance will be a kind of an artistic puzzle unfolding during the action, which will take 45 to 60 minutes and will involve actors, dancers, and musicians from around the world, including: Marcin Wyrostek & Corazon, Paweł Romańczuk (Małe Instrumenty), Patryk Zakrocki, Janusz Radek, Michał Urbaniak, Michael Patches Stewart, Nathan Davis, and Andy Ninvalle. The project will be accompanied by a multimedia exhibition of Schaeffer’s graphics.

The “Schaeffer Puzzle Play 2020” project is financed from the “Culture on the Web” program of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage run by the National Centre for Culture.

The project materials will be available for half a year on the Aurea Porta Foundation’s website: