Sądej Interviewed by James Strecker

Polish mezzo-soprano Katarzyna Sądej, now living in Los Angeles, was recently interviewed by a well-known Canadian journalist James Strecker. Published on his blog, which has thousands of readers, the interview teases out many central themes to Sądej’s musical philosophy and experience, such as art as an expression of humanity, and the need for education in the classical art forms. Sądej also discusses her most recent passion project—recording popular songs written by composer Witold Lutosławski under the pen name Derwid—and her work in promoting Polish music in general.

[I]magine sustaining a note and feeling your overtones harmonizing so perfectly with the orchestra or piano notes that are accompanying you, that you feel the music and meaning vibrating through your whole body. It’s meditative and thrilling all at once.”

Read the entire interview at: jamesstrecker.com

[Source: press release, jamesstrecker.com]