Bruzdowicz Birthday!

Joanna Bruzdowicz with a fellow female composer of another heritage, Lithuanian-Canadian composer and USC professor Veronika Krausas, during her visit for the PMC's Festival of Premieres in March 2012. Photo: Krysta Close, PMC Archives

Polish composer Joanna Bruzdowicz celebrated her 75th birthday this month. A longtime friend of the Polish Music Center and one of the first distinguished lecturers in our Paderewski Lecture-Recital annual series, Bruzdowicz had continued to collaborate with us on a number of different and exciting projects over the past two decades or so, as well as adding manuscripts, published scores and recordings of her music to our collections. A longtime resident of France, she has also featured Polish music and artists extensively at the annual Festival International de Musique en Catalogne in Céret, which she has organized and led as the Festival’s Artistic Director since the year 2000.

A number of official greetings and best wishes were sent to Joanna Bruzdowicz the occasion of this great milestone in her life. Mieczysław Kominek, President of the Polish Composers’ Union (ZKP), sent an official congratulatory letter on behalf of the ZKP, stating:

… your activities and contributions to the growth of Polish music and musical culture in Poland have elicited the highest praise among the composers and musicologists who are members of our organization. Although this year [also] marks the 50th anniversary of your departure from Poland, it is our deepest conviction that you have remained as one of Poland’s leading composers. We value greatly your rich and varied catalogue of works that attracted a number of internationally prestigious prizes. We are particularly cognizant of your exceptional role in promotion of Polish music around the world, with the Chopin and Szymanowski Music Society in Belgium being the most salient example of your activities. The breadth of your learning, interests and expertise led to your being an undisputed authority in various areas of musical creativity. You have made many audiences appreciative of your talents in master classes and lectures conducted at institutions of higher learning from Paris to Boston, Los Angeles and Montreal. On behalf of the entire membership of the Polish Composers’ Union, please accept our heartfelt expressions of best wishes for good health and continued good fortune.

Well said, indeed! Bravo, Joanna, and Happy Birthday from the Polish Music Center!

[Source: press release]