6th Sphere of Silence Royal Łazienki Music Festival

Every weekend from June 30 to July 29, the 6th Sphere of Silence festival will take place in Royal Łazienki Park. Music from various parts of the world will be performed at over 100 outdoor concerts.

Each weekend is dedicated to different music and culture. The first weekend is Polish rhythms. Chamber Orchestra N-Harmonia, and others, will perform Mieczysław Karłowicz’s Serenade for string orchestra op. 2.

The next four weekends will take listeners to the four sides of the world: north (7-8 July), south (14-15 July), east (21-22 July) and west (28-29 July). Concerts will take place throughout the day on several stages simultaneously: the Yellow Stage at Stara Kordegarda, the Orange Stage at the Water Department, the Red Stage at Trou Madame and the Purple Stage at the Temple of the Sibyl. Festival day programs are arranged so that guests can enjoy musical walks in the park listening to different ensembles. Performers will include Camerata Silesia, Danar (Irish and Celtic music), Bum Bum Orkestar (Balkan music), Yerba Mater (music of the near and far east) and the Masecki / Rogiewicz duo (“Ragtime” project).

Saturday, 30 June – Sunday, 29 July 2018
6th “Sphere of Silence” Royal Łazienki Music Festival

Royal Łazienki Gardens
01-999 Warsaw, Poland
Admission: FREE
Info and detailed program: https://www.strefaciszyfestival.pl/

[Sources: polmic.pl]