Discography February 2018

Leszek Łakowski—Love Songs

Leszek Kułakowski – piano, Piotr Kułakowski – double bass, Tomasz Sowiński – drums, Joanna Knitter – vocals, Tomasz Grzegorski – saxophone, Maciej Grzywacz – guitar
Soliton Records (2017)

From a review by Adam Baruch at Polish-Jazz.Blogspot.com:

This is a beautiful album by Polish pianist/composer Leszek Kułakowski, who shows herein yet another facet of his multitalented persona, this time as a songwriter. The album presents ten songs composed and arranged by Kułakowski to the lyrics by Polish poet Zbigniew Książek…The music is everything one might expect from nontrivial love songs: exquisite melodies, sophisticated harmonies, unforeseen twists and highly developed swing, which keeps the songs flowing one after another, arriving at the album’s last song way sooner that one might expect. Combined with the intelligent lyrics and vigorous execution, these songs are a true delight.

[Source: polish-jazz.blogspot.com]