Beethoven in Silesia?

Yes! The little Silesian town of Głogówek has big musical ambitions and, for well over a dozen years now, it has hosted world class musicians during its own Beethoven Festival. Actually, the town has musical history that reaches back to the mediaeval era, with such composers as Mikołaj z Koźla, Bartłomiej Pękiel, Georg Brikner, Johannes Selatzek, and Gerhard Strecke associated with this picturesque little town in the Opole Voivodship of the Upper Silesia. Głogówek’s illustrious tradition also includes one of the most important documents in early music, the Glogauer Liederbuch, a compendium of sacred and secular songs as well as of instrumental music that dates from 1480.

The Beethoven connection—such as it is—stems from Beethoven’s stay at the City’s castle during the Fall of 1806, where he was able to complete his Fourth Symphony. He presented it to Franz Joachim Wenzl Oppersdorf, the castle’s owner and the dedicatee of Beethoven’s Op. 60.

Held September 2-9, this year’s festival features several works by Ludwig van Beethoven as well as music by Mieczysław KarłowiczIgnacy Jan PaderewskiKarol SzymanowskiMikołaj Górecki and Roxana Panufnik. The performers included Aleksandra Bugaj, Jakub Kuszlik, Anna Malesza, Julianna Petzuch, Adam Tomaszewsi, Trio 123 K from Slovenia, String Trio Leopoldinum, the Opole Philharmonic Orchestra led by Przemysław Neumann, Chamber Orchestra Leopoldinum led by Tomasz Tomaszewski, and the Amadeus Polish Radio Orchestra led by Agnieszka Duczmal-Mróz.

August 29 – September 9, 2017
Beethoven Festival

Głogówek – various locations