World Premieres of Augustyn and Widłak

Flutists Łukasz Długosz and Agata Kielar-Długosz with pianist Andrzej Jungiewiczpresented world premieres of works by Rafał Augustyn and Wojciech Widłak at the Radziejowice Palace on Oct. 14. The pair of flutists were also the dedicatees of these pieces. Part of the “Composers’ Commissions” [Zamówienia kompozytorskie] program operated by the Institute of Music and Dance, this concert was co-organized by the Piąta Esencja Foundation.

Describing his work Matrimonium for two flutes and piano, Rafał Augustyn observed that it, “does not describe any particular marriage, especially that of Mr. and Mrs. Długosz … [and] even though it was written with them in mind, it is more of an abstraction in terms of the human relationship trajectory, with its peaks and valleys, similarities and differences, the great and the small, and everything in between.”

According to Wojciech Widłak, his Widnokręgi [Horizons] “… were composer during the summer of 2017 … for the flute duo of Łukasz Długosz and Agata Kielar-Długosz. I was mainly inspired by the specific pairing of two similarly sounding instruments, closely linked with each other and carrying on a dialogue among themselves and being a counterweight to the piano part, where sound and resonance are key factors. The musical lines, circles and spirals create a multi-sectional narrative with different expressive qualities.”

October 14, 2017
World premiere: Augustyn & Widłak

Radziejowice Palace
ul. H. Sienkiewicza 4, 96-325 Radziejowice, Poland