Music and the City

From October 12-14, the Łódź Music Academy hosted the ZKP conference entitled “Muzyka i Miasto,” dedicated to the relationship of creativity and musical life to the institutions and functioning of cities. Musicologists, sociologists and ethnographers gathered to participate in a variety of discussions and attend concerts. Among the latter was performance of Artur Zagajewski’s blockhaus D, a continuation of a concert cycle that was staged in Kraków and Wrocław earlier. This musical installation of sorts uses exotic instruments and mixes professional performers and amateurs, so that blockhaus D was performed also by the attendees and speakers at that conference.

Another concert, W 80 minut dookoła świata [Around the World in 80 Minutes] was dedicated to a varied selection of works, including music by Włodzimierz Korcz and Jan Ptaszyn-Wróblewski, performed by students and faculty of the Łódź Music Academy.

October 12-14, 2017
“Muzyka i Miasto” Conference

Łódź Music Academy, Chamber Hall
al. 1 Maja 4