War Horns

War Horns – Paweł Pudło
Paweł Pudło: War Horns – a Concerto for 10 French Horns
Czesław Czopka, Gabriel Czopka, Stefan de Leval Jezierski, Mateusz Feliński, Łukasz Łacny, Anna Mondry, Grzegorz Mondry, Michał Szczerba, Igor Szeligowski and Robert Wasik – horns
DUX 1440

Paweł Pudło is the composer, creative director and art director of the WAR HORNS project. The world premiere of the piece took place at the Solidarity of Arts Festival in Gdańsk, Poland—a symbolic city where 76 years ago World War II started—on August 23, 2015 at the Polish Baltic Philharmonic. Gdańsk is also the city where the “Solidarity” movement was born, symbolizing the ideas of freedom and peace, today manifested by artists from various countries of the world. The premiere was held during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. In addition to the music, a sculpture installation made by an artist Pawel Stepien (pictured at right) was exhibited in the foyer of the Philharmonic at the world premiere of the piece. The installation is an integral part of the piece War Horns and it has been developed according to Paweł Pudło’s concept.

War Horns was again performed at a free concert on October 11, 2017 in Warsaw, as part of the project “Miasta Feniksy: Muzyka i historia” [Phoenix City: Music and History] at the Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego [Museum of the Warsaw Uprising]. The concert was accompanied by a lecture on the history of Warsaw, which was led by Varsovian Jerzy s. Majewski.