Chopin Project

In collaboration with the Paderewski FestivalFestival Mozaic presented an afternoon of Chopin’s Etudes on April 29 as part of Festival Mozaic’s WinterMezzo concert series. Pianist Jocelyn Swigger performed all 27 Etudes on two pianos at the Paso Robles Inn ballroom, including one that belonged to Polish pianist, composer and statesman Ignacy Jan Paderewksi — now part of the inn’s collection. Audiences were able to view the score of the music and Swigger’s hands on the keyboard as she played these notoriously difficult compositions.

For the past seven years, Swigger has been dedicated to studying and performing the Etudes as a personal challenge she has dubbed The Chopin Project. As part of the project, Swigger has traveled across the United States to play historical pianos similar to the ones Chopin would have played. The pianist discussed the transformation of her life and her musicianship as she undertook The Chopin Project prior to the concert in a TEDx Talk. The full story about The Chopin Project can be read on San Luis Obispo Tribune.

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