Piotr Moss Premiere

On May 24, the University of Music Fryderyk Chopin hosted the world premiere of Piotr Moss‘s new work, Concerto élégiaque for viola and orchestra. The Concerto was performed by the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, under the baton of Jerzy Maksymiuk, featuring soloist Katarzyna Budnik-Gałązka, to whom the work is dedicated and inspired. At the request of Budnik-Gałązka, the composer introduced a part of alto saxophone obbligato modelled, to a certain extent, after the soprano obbligato from his saxophone concerto entitled Angst und Form. As with many of Moss’s other works, there are hints of early music in the Concerto, but also many quotes from his own output and a number of somewhat forgotten musical gestures. The composition incorporates dynamic fragments, strongly rhythmic and motoric. Although the mood is predominantly desolate, tragic, and mournful, the whole work concludes with a bold Allegro.

[Source: sinfoniavarsovia.org, polmic.pl]