Bembinow Premiere At Universitas Cantat

Miłosz Bembinow’s latest work, Amor et Psyche for Choir, Big Band and String Orchestra was world-premiered on May 20 at the closing concert of the Universitas Cantat Festival in Poznań. The composer used the Latin version of this ancient story to produce a contemporary work that uses extended vocal techniques (whispering, speaking, and shouting) alongside more traditional melodic structures and harmonies. The use of big band and strings with a large-sized choir blends various European and American stylistic approaches and, in a sense, Amor etPsyche reflects Bembinow’s wide range of inspiration that has already translated itself into acatalogue of chamber, orchestral and oratorio-styled works as well as pop, film and theatre music. Bembinow’s music has been recorded on well over 30 CDs, many of which were recognized with the Fryderyk and Złoty Orfeusz Awards, and managed to reach gold and platinum status in sales.