MKiDN Creative Scholarship for Wieczorek

Marlena Wieczorek, president of MEAKULTURA Foundation and chief editor of, has received a creative scholarship from The Minister of Culture and National Heritage for her work The Lexicon of Polish Emigrant Composers (1918-2000).

The project aims to document and popularize knowledge about the artistic heritage and life of Polish emigré composers. The Lexicon is comprised of two parts: thematic articles and an encyclopedia. The research topic of the first part will be conducted in synthetic and innovative way, through the prism of various contexts—artistic, social, political, biographical and geographical. In the second part, we will find an alphabetical index of notes dedicated to film, pop, and classical works as well as the biography of their composers. Installments will be presented on, and when the project is finished, it will be published in the form of a book. This is the second creative scholarship to be received by Marlena Wieczorek.