Bargielski Celebration

On Jan. 21, Silesian String Quartetgave a concert at the NOSPRChamber Hall. The program celebrated Zbigniew Bargielski’s80th birthday and featured two of his chamber compositions: String Quartet No. 4 “Płonacy czas” [Burning Time] and Po drugiej stronie lustra [The Other side of the Mirror] for clarinet and string quartet. Known for his predilection for chamber music, Bargielski uses interesting formal construction, whereby modular elements of the piece require repetition only as variations. Bargielski’s clarinet quintet was likened by well-known Polish critic, Andrzej Chłopecki, to a mini-clarinet concerto with string accompaniment. The other work featured at that concert was Mendelssohn’s celebrated Octet, Op. 20. Guest artists included Roman Widaszek on clarinet, and Meccore String Quartet.

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