New Interim Web Address

Many faithful Polish Music Center visitors and Polish Music Newsletter readers may have noticed that our URL has recently changed to This is due to server upgrade work that is being carried out by the University and will not affect the content of our site. Please also be aware that our old web address will continue to forward to this new URL for the foreseeable future so you do not need to update your links at this time.

However, the larger change that is afoot is a major upgrade to the PMC’s website design and content, an upgrade which those same faithful visitors and readers will know is long overdue. We are working diligently with designers and web architects to renew the look and usability of our site, while maintaining the invaluable resource of musicological and cultural information that is housed within. Once this redesign is complete, we will have a new and permanent URL that will be shared with our users.

We thank you for tapping into the vast, 20+ year-old online treasure trove that is the PMC website. If you would like to support our upgrade efforts, please consider a tax-deductible donation of any size at: (please specify “USC Polish Music Center” under “University-wide Giving Opportunities”–> “Centers & Institutes” to ensure that your gift get to the right place).

Thank you! Dziękujemy!