#New Concert Hall In Wroclaw

Construction on the National Music Forum building is now finished and open to hosting concerts, conventions, symposiums, conferences and other exciting events with state-of-the-art equipment. The NFM building was designed by Kuryłowicz & Associates Architecture Studio, selected through an international architectural contest. The architect was inspired by a musical instrument – its shape and the façade covering imitating timber resemble the body of a string instrument. The foyer, covered with black and white Corian, brings to mind the piano keyboard.

With four concert halls, the venue boasts surface area of the building is 35,500 square meteres and includes 6 levels of construction above ground and 3 levels underground. Their newest concert hall is approxiamtely 50,000 square meters and seats an audience of 410 people. Apart from this, the building includes a recording studio, rehearsal rooms, conference and office spaces, an exhibition space, restaurants, and a music shop, as well as resident company spaces for groups.

[Sources: nfm.wroclaw.pl, wroclaw.pl]