Leo Festival In Wrocław

The 7th annual Leo Festiwal will be held from May 30 – June 6, 2015 in Wrocław. The festival presents a dialogue between music and other arts: architecture, poetry, dance, film, visual arts, theater.

With the support of the Academy of Music in Wrocław, the Festival is organized by the National Forum of Music (NFM), which was created in 2014 by merging the prestigious Wratislavia Cantans Festival and the Wrocław Philharmonic. The NFM now organizes the activities of 11 instrumental and vocal ensembles and coordinates 9 international festivals in the region.

The themes of this year’s Festival are focused on peace—both in the sense of sublime relaxation and the vigorous absence of conflict—and the symbol of the city of Wrocław—both as the European Capital of Culture in 2016, and a place where cultural currents flow every day just as the rivers flow through the city.

Concert program highlights include:

  • five rivers (May 30): featuring repertoire about rivers, including K. Szymanowski’s “Wysła burzycka” and “U jeziorecka” from Songs from Kurpie op. 58 as well as folk songs from around central and eastern Europe, performed by several NFM ensembles with Ewa Vesin – soprano, led by Ernst Kovacic – conductor and Artistic Director of the Festival
  • young generation (June 3): performed by the students of the K. Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław with Christian Danowicz – violin, Michał Micker – viola and Marcin Misiak – cello

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